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Our Insights Around Remote Work, Management and Our Product

We've been busy preparing some great new features and improvements and just shipped: 💬 Topics ​​ Ever wanted to set a team topic for the day? Or wanted to get everybody to give their feedback on something specific? Now you can, and you can use the emoji picker to spice it up! 🙌🏼 ​ 🏷 Tags ​​ Announcing something special that you'd love to be able to find later on quickly? Or just looking for… Read more →

Many companies are looking into the async communication style to leverage it within their culture as it helps with many of the challenges associated with distributed teams. If you haven’t, check out our last article with our thoughts on how async communication helps your teams and how to benefit from it. As we mentioned on our last article, going async helps teams distribute communication across… Read more →

Here at Standups, we believe that distributed work is the future of work, and that’s fundamentally the main reason we launched our product to help teams run async standups. Distributed work is deeply linked to being asynchronous —|āˈsiNGkrənəs| —usually just async. The concept is not easy to grasp at first for most people. Its official definition is: “[said] of two or more objects (or events) not… Read more →

At we are a fully distributed team, spread across different time zones. And for us it's clear that distributed and remote work is here to stay, and that it is the future of work. The benefits of remote work are many: Bigger talent pool Work flexibility Better health, both physical and mental (less stress, flexibility for hobbies) Deep work with increased productivity by doing… Read more →

Over 3 months ago we launched Standups via our Show HN post and the response that we got was overwhelmingly supportive, we're super thankful. Today we can tell you that we've finally released our iOS and Android apps! 😊 We already have some great clients and teams using Standups to manage their standups across time zones. It's been an exciting ride! We're now 4 people (2 full-time / 2 part-time… Read more →

Since we launched last week via our Hacker News Show HN post, where we got to the #3 on the front page with 260+ upvotes / 100+ comments, we've been getting a lot of love from so many of you, and really great feedback that's helping us improve our app day by day. Today, we're super happy to announce that only 6 days after our launch we have crossed the 100 user mark! Thank you very much to all the… Read more → helps remote and distributed teams to run more effective standups regardless of the location of its members in the world. Running standups for these teams is hard due to the difference in timezones, and most asynchronous tools out there are just chat / text-based. What's great about being on-site vs. remote is that you get to have daily face-time with your team members, they get to see… Read more →

A standup is a regular meeting that's very usual in companies that work with agile methodologies. Standups are great for team building, improving collaboration and keeping teams cohesive. With the raise in popularity of remote work and distributed teams —with many companies like GitLab being remote-only— running standups is getting hard. Usually teams have their standup meeting at the start of… Read more →

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