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Over 3 months ago we launched Standups via our Show HN post and the response that we got was overwhelmingly supportive, we're super thankful.

Today we can tell you that we've finally released our iOS and Android apps! 😊

We already have some great clients and teams using Standups to manage their standups across time zones. It's been an exciting ride! We're now 4 people (2 full-time / 2 part-time), working on Standups and we're doing our best to keep growing and improving for you guys.

Now that we've released our apps, we have a common ground to start shipping more features on both web and mobile!

You can try Standups for free and if you need an extended trial just let us know at

As a hint, and due to iOS App Store restrictions, only existing accounts can use the apps. The recommended way to get started is just to sign up via desktop or mobile, and setup your team standup via desktop, after that all of our team members will be able to log in from their mobile devices using our iOS and Android apps.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for our apps, just let us know via email or our live chat. We love to hear your feedback! 🎉