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We have recently seen an explosion of tools and platforms in the remote work (WFH) space.

Here is a blog post that contains every single market map we have come across. We will continue to keep this blog post updated with new market maps we see and if you come across one we haven't included, please let me know on Twitter @arjmahadevan! I'm also documenting all the maps I come across in this thread on Twitter as well.

Remote Work (WFH) Tech Landscape

By: Federico Wengi (Source)

market map cover photo

Remote Work Market Map

By: Elaine Zelby (Source)

elaine zelby market map

The 'Verticalization' of Zoom

By: JJ Oslund (Source)

Mapping “The Future of Work” Startup ecosystem

By: Pietro Invernizzi (Source)

Out of Office: 65+ Startups Helping You Work From Home

By: CBinsights (Source)


The Ultimate Remote Work Tools Landscape

By: Holloway (Source)

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Remote Work Market Map

By: Joe Blair (Source)


The Remote Distributed Teams Landscape

By: Turing (Source)