digital scrapbook

📝 Summary

Teams use Standups to broadcast video or audio updates to the team for a more expressive way to share news within the company.

These updates also help build a culture of repeatedly sharing and allows Standups to become a digital scrapbook for special moments in your company.

🤔 Challenge

A crucial part of creating a transparent and open company culture is sharing updates, big and small, with the entire team. While sharing a minor update to a few people can quickly be done via Slack or email in a few sentences, there are other types of updates where chat doesn't cut it, and live video isn't possible. Here are some examples of big announcements that one might want to broadcast to the company:

  • A key new hire 🤝
  • A massive win on an experiment 📈
  • A big sales deal that just closed 💰
  • A major product release 🚀

You could send updates with Slack, but what if there was a more expressive and faster way to share updates with your team?

💡 Company Updates with Standups

Here's how teams use Standups to broadcast updates to the entire company expressively.

We'll give you an example using a room we have at Standups called Sales Updates

We first created a room called "Sales Updates." A few notes on recommended room settings:

  • Make it public- this way, anyone in the company can see updates!
  • Invite everyone who is working on sales to the room to be able to post

edit room

  • Adjust the time-box for how long updates are; we keep it at the default 2 min
  • We have this recurring daily at 9:00 am; this doesn't mean everyone has to post every day at 9:00 am... but if sales are rocking for your company, there is hopefully a fun update to share every day from at least someone on the team 🤑

edit recurrance

Lastly, we integrate with Slack so if your team wants, members of your team can receive a friendly notification when a new update is posted, record directly from Slack, and even watch the videos in channel 🙌

📈 Results

Being able to see and hear from a teammate sharing exciting news is a fantastic feeling; the energy from the update is invigorating! ✨

While there are certainly times when a written message is preferable, posting a video update allows distributed and remote teams to capture a sense of the energy and nuance that one would get from hearing an update from someone live.

Furthermore, people find it fun to go back and reminisce on previous updates, and even share them with new team members to help them get up to speed.

And seeing a previous broadcast is as simple as scrolling down.

It's almost like Standups is a digital scrapbook for special moments in your company. ❤️

digital scrapbook

Lastly, we've seen that teams who use Standups this way have built an excellent habit of sharing frequently and repeatedly within a company. Our friendly recurring reminders, whether it's daily, or once a week, really encourage people to share news, good or bad, with the team, in a light, quick, and fun way (just like posting an Instagram Story). This means no more stressing about the perfect one-paragraph message to write, or clicking send → undo-send multiple times to "check for typos one more time" on an email which is about to go out 😄

🔮 Future Plans

We've seen so many innovative ways that people are coming up with to share updates with the broader team:

  • Hiring announcements
  • Fundraising news
  • Product launches
  • Key user interview learnings
  • Sales pipeline updates
  • Updates on SEVs
  • And more!

One thing we've heard that can help improve the overall Standups experience, especially in the context of broadcasting updates, is screen sharing! That way, you can show the team or company something in addition to having them see and hear you expressively communicate.

Screen sharing is a feature we currently have in beta, and we're shipping it soon to all of our users 🚀

Lastly, we're always looking to improve our product, and if there's anything else we can do to improve your all-hands experience using Standups, please email us or let me know via Twitter @arjmahadevan!