📝 Summary

Families and friends are "distributed" too, with parents, kids, relatives, classmates, and childhood friends all around the world!

Families and friends use Standups to create their own private space to capture and share the special moments from their day.

It's like Instagram, but private to your family and friends to share video and voice stories!

🤔 Challenge

Families and friends can be spread all around the country, or the world!

For example, my family lives across three timezones:

  • Me: Bay Area, CA
  • Brother: Los Angeles, CA
  • Brother: Fort Campbell, Kentucky
  • Parents: Danville, PA

And we stay in touch in two primary ways (outside of trips to see each other in-person):

  1. We have a family group chat in Whatsapp
  2. Whenever we can, a FaceTime call or a group phone call is a great way to talk and see or hear each other live

But there are times when a picture or text doesn't truly capture what we want to share, and coordinating and scheduling a time to talk across timezones is very challenging.

💡 How Families use Standups

Here's how families can use Standups, for those moments when chat doesn't cut it, and real-time voice or video isn't possible.

I'll give you an example by showing you my family's Standup room!


How my family uses Standups. I think FAME is a typo from FAM which we never fixed 😂

Across these six videos (bottom right → top left), we shared all different types of moments:

  • My mom sent a video of the dogs playing outside 🐶
  • I posted a post-workout video of what I did in the gym 💪
  • My brother got a new haircut and wanted to show us 😎
  • My other brother told us he got a flat tire on his bike 🚲
  • My mom commented that he ^ is probably the only one of us who knows how to fix a flat tire 😂
  • I showed my family what I was making for lunch (kale, spinach, bacon, and eggs) 🍳

📈 Results

Nothing will replace the quality time of spending time together with family or friends in person. And having the ability to send a quick message in a chat group or hop on a 1:1 phone call or FaceTime (or coordinate a group video call) helps families and friends stay in touch.

But Standups creates a private space for your family and friends to capture and share moments, and strengthen relationships through experiences, no matter where you are on the globe.

🔮 Future Plans

Family and friends standups are one of the innovative ways we've seen people use Standups, and one thing we've heard that can help is subscribing to updates from specific people/rooms! That way, if there is someone or something that you want to check on right away, you're able to get notified and do so, and for all other updates, you can do so on your own time 😄

We're always looking to improve our product, and if there's anything else we can do to improve your all-hands experience using Standups, please email us or let me know via Twitter @arjmahadevan!