"We were hiring across 7 countries, in 7 different timezones. There's no opportune time to all get in a room to discuss candidates. So we used Standups."

Alison Kaizer
Global Lead, Talent Acquisition

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Ritual is a tech company that makes a smartphone app which provides instant access to a complete assortment of everyday coffee and food items from local spots - at the push of a button. Feel like a rockstar when you bypass the line and save a bunch of time. Be the office hero by picking up for your coworkers when they can't get away. Can't get out to grab lunch? Piggyback on a coworker's order have your food picked up.

Using Standups, Ritual has:

  • Removed the hassle of coordinating meetings across 7 timezones giving time back to everyone; the team can now give updates on their own time.
  • Given hiring managers the flexibility to listen to and respond to feedback on candidates on their own time; they can then make a hiring decision or follow-up individually when need be.
  • Created a recorded history of how candidates do during the hiring process, where they can easily review entire performance at any time in the future.

Bottom Line: Standups enables Ritual to scale their global team and run an effective and efficient process that saves everyone time, allowing them to spend it on what matters. Standups alleviates the need for daily debrief meetings across multiple time zones, which means more time savings for everyone!

Meet Alison

alison kaizer

Alison Kaizer
Global Lead, Talent Acquisition

As global lead of talent acquisition, Alison is responsible for Ritual's expansion across the globe. After hearing about Standups, Alison quickly realized that Standups could not only save her entire team time, but allow them to scale and hire even faster.

How Alison Uses Standups

Daily Updates

"We would create a daily "standup" for all the candidates who we interviewed that day. Whenever someone talked to a candidate, they'd post a short story with their feedback."

Enable Group Input and Visibility

"Before we hire someone, everyone has to agree. Standups made it seamless to record and provide feedback, which was then visible to everyone!"

Better Flexibility

"At their own leisure, a hiring manager could now go in to Standups and listen to all the feedback on a candidate. They could then decide to proceed, or probe in with follow-up questions when needed."

A System of Record

"We used Standups custom headings to label which candidates we spoke to on which day, and we tagged videos by a specific role, or the candidates name. We could then easily search and filter for specific videos to review our entire process, and improve it moving forwards."

The most important asset a company has is its people. Using Standups, Alison is able to run global talent acquisition to help hire the brightest talent to help Ritual grow and continue to serve customers in 30+ cities across North America, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia.

“We view Standups as business critical, as KTLO [keep the lights on] technology because it's integrated so deeply into our day-to-day when we hire globally."