"I have a remote team with people giving updates from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires... I want to do standup meetings but Zoom is synchronous, you need everyone online at the same time... I don’t care if an update is at 9am or 10am but we want people to know what’s happening in a fun way. Standups is like group Instagram Stories with updates limited to 1 or 2 min. I love the story format and recording a 1 min Standup video creates ownership, leadership and accountability for what people are working on.”

Alberto Benbunan
Global CEO


Gelt is a tech company that makes a smartphone app which lets you earn money when you shop in any supermarket. Here’s how it works: Every Friday, new promotions drop that work in any supermarket. As you shop, you accumulate cash back which you can then withdraw at an ATM (free and without a card).

Using Standups, Gelt has:

  • Given busy managers a way to see what the entire team is up to at a glance; videos are limited to 1 or 2 minutes so in 10 minutes you can quickly get up to speed 🏃‍♂️
  • Created ownership and accountability within the team; posting a short 1 or 2 minute video is lightweight and fun, but also forces you to share what your goals are 💪
  • Removed the hassle of coordinating real-time meetings across multiple time zones giving time back to everyone; the team can now give updates on their own time whether that’s at 9 am or noon ⏰

Bottom Line: Standups enables Gelt to give everyone visibility into what’s happening without micromanagement. By posting short one minute updates, it not only creates visibility within the team, but also creates accountability and focuses people to internalize and own what they are working on. At the end of the day, managers get visibility into what the entire team is working on and employees have a short fun way to share progress and goals with everyone!

Meet Alberto


Alberto Benbunan
Global CEO

Alberto is the global CEO at Gelt. He’s a serial entrepreneur who is the founder of Mobile Dreams Factory, DelSúper, Gelt and Super Robotics. He’s worked for +20 years with Mobile and Commerce Strategy and +10 years in eCommerce. As an extremely busy CEO, Alberto realized that Standups would provide a fun way for employees to give updates and an easy way for him to get visibility into what the entire team is working on.

How Alberto Uses Standups

Short Video Clips = Big Time Saver

"I started with Whatsapp videos but some people spoke for 5 min… people might not have the time to watch 20 x 10 minute videos! I don’t want to spend so much time getting up to speed but we want people to know what is happening in a fun way. I wanted something limited to 60 second updates and Standups had that.

Ownership, Leadership, and Accountability

“I think Standups is for everyone; it can be a pain to ask people to attend a standup but there is a benefit of dedicating a few minutes for a video you share with the team. Sharing these videos creates ownership, leadership, and accountability, not just with your boss but with everyone in the organization.”

The Story Format is Great

"I've been in the mobile sector for many years. I am in love with stories and I love the story format."

Giving updates to the team and getting visibility into what everyone is working on can be a pain, especially when you are doing meetings live and trying to coordinate them across multiple locations. Standups combines the humanness of video with the ease of messaging to keep teams in sync and give managers and employees a pulse of the organization at their fingertips.

“I wanted something like Instagram Stories in groups and found Standups. Standups is part of our team culture.”