announcing standups io 1

A standup is a regular meeting that's very usual in companies that work with agile methodologies. Standups are great for team building, improving collaboration and keeping teams cohesive.

With the raise in popularity of remote work and distributed teams —with many companies like GitLab being remote-only— running standups is getting hard. Usually teams have their standup meeting at the start of their day. Most of them have their standup between 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM. You want that team members can post their standup message at the beginning of their day regardless of their location in the world. Because of the different timezones, a team with members ranging from —for example— California to India will have issues when trying to meet for a call, as when it's 9:00 AM in California, it's already 10:30 PM in India. We're setting out to change that by helping distributed teams to run asynchronous standups from any timezone in the world.

We're working around the clock to release our first Web version, and after that iOS and Android releases will follow. Our idea is to make standups easy and simple: a team member will be able to just grab his smartphone and add his standup message from a coffee shop, coworking space, the subway train, the rooftop of an office building — you name it— and during the work day, the team member will be getting updates from the other team members around the world. 😊