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As the world confronts COVID-19, many companies are finding themselves facing financial uncertainty, in addition to suddenly tackling the challenge of becoming remote-first. Most companies don't have the infrastructure in place to have the majority of their workforce working at home. Suddenly, every company needs a remote work strategy. No one had the chance to plan for a change this big. No one was ready for this.

We’ve seen hundreds of teams make the move to remote, and usually, it takes many months and lots of trial and error. Going remote overnight is no easy feat.

Since the beginning of March, many companies have started to mandate their employees work from home. As a result, we’ve seen a significant uptick in signups and usage of Standups. We’re in a unique position to help ease the shift to remote-first while helping teams maintain the face-to-face relationships that are so important during these difficult times.

We want to help. So here’s what we’re doing through May 1, 2020.

Standups Is Free for Small Teams

Businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of COVID-19, but small businesses are especially vulnerable. These next few weeks will be hard, and we want to lessen the discomfort.

Teams with less than eight people can use Standups free of charge.

Our Annual Plan is 50% Off

Larger teams are also grappling with this change. Synchronous (real-time) scheduling is hard enough, but it's even harder for bigger groups when working remotely. Add to the fact that you can't see your co-workers in person anymore, and switching to WFH can make it feel like you changed jobs overnight.

That's why we're discounting our annual plan by 50%. Now teams will only pay $5.00 per seat per month.

A Fully Unlocked Free Trial

We want anyone who tries Standups to be able to use it in its full capacity right away.

So we're removing all feature limits from our 14-day trial.

That way, you can experience our full integration with Slack, and get early access to our new screen sharing feature as you transition to working remotely.

Get Tips on Making the Shift to WFH

Distributed and remote teams will need a new suite of tools to prosper. Ones that prioritize communication, transparency, and help foster genuine connection.

But tools alone are not enough. It also takes a cultural shift to make the switch. As a remote-first team ourselves with customers at various stages of remote work maturity, we have first-hand experience with seeing what thriving remote teams have in common.

For the next month, we’ll be hosting live one-on-one sessions to help address any questions you might have about remote work, like "what are ways to keep my entire team updated?" and "how can we stay accountable while WFH?" Schedule a time here.

Thank You to Everyone Helping #FlattenTheCurve

We hope everyone stays safe during this time.

To those on the frontlines — every scientist, doctor, nurse, first responder, medical professional, and public health worker — you have our deepest gratitude.

And to those of you helping flatten the curve by taking the proper protective measures and practicing social distancing: Thank you for doing your part.

Keep taking care of those around you. We’ll get through this together.

If there’s anything we can do to help, please reach out.