blog post 2 helps remote and distributed teams to run more effective standups regardless of the location of its members in the world. Running standups for these teams is hard due to the difference in timezones, and most asynchronous tools out there are just chat / text-based.

What's great about being on-site vs. remote is that you get to have daily face-time with your team members, they get to see your gestures and expressions when you're telling them what you've been doing or what's your current roadblock. Being remote gets this important human touch part out of the team communication equation.

Gathering everybody in a team daily for a standup when the members are working from different timezones in the world gets hard. Lots of teams have to adapt the way they do standups because some members are in a different timezone, and end up having late day standups. Not only the timezone is a constraint, but also is connectivity and latency across the globe: all of us have had the experience of seeing some our coworkers connections drop, choppy over-pixelated blurry video, or listening to the audio drop during a short update. These things can get frustrating for your team: oftentimes it stops the standup flow, and you have to switch to another communication tool — or cycle through a few of them such as from Slack to HipChat to Skype (or even Cisco Jabber) — and make a new call again and hope for the best to keep going through the standup.

These are some of the problems inspired us to start building We wanted to make a simple way to run more efficient, straightforward standups, that takes into consideration the current work trends by solving constraints such as timezone and connectivity, and helping teams get daily face-time contact regardless of their location.

Give Standups a shot

We would love to get your feedback so try it out and let us know what you think. 😊 We are more than welcome to receive your feature requests, so for that we're keeping a public roadmap where you'll be able to check what's currently on development, and where you can submit features and comments. 🙌🏼

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