100 thanks 2

Since we launched last week via our Hacker News Show HN post, where we got to the #3 on the front page with 260+ upvotes / 100+ comments, we've been getting a lot of love from so many of you, and really great feedback that's helping us improve our app day by day.

Today, we're super happy to announce that only 6 days after our launch we have crossed the 100 user mark! Thank you very much to all the teams that are currently using Standups.io to run their daily standups! We couldn't have had a better start! So thanks again! 😊 🙏🏼

In the last days, we've been working very hard and we have already introduced many improvements such as editable timeboxes, better notification handling and fixes for a couple bugs we had! ✨

If you haven't yet tried Standups.io with your team, sign up for free and let us know what you think. 😊 If you want to suggest any feature requests, just do so by posting them to our public roadmap. 🙌🏼

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get more updates about Standups.io features and new blog posts. 🎉