Remote Work

Our latest tips and lessons from our experience with remote teams

The Remote Work (WFH) Landscape

A running collection of remote work market maps

The Five Levels of Remote Work

Most companies today are at level one or two; how can companies reach level five: Nirvana?

True or False: Acronyms Seriously Suck

Should companies consider using acronyms less? And when (if at all) should acronyms be used?

How to Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically

So you can make your desk and office chair adapt to you and not the other way around

What Does Remote Work Really Bring to You?

We cover the main areas where working remotely will directly benefit you

Why Do Some Digital Nomads Fail With Their Business?

What makes digital nomads succeed and also what makes them fail when building a successful business

Remote Work From the Beach?

Our experience when working remotely from a beach town, and sipping on cold drinks

How to Set a Remote Work Culture

A guideline on creating a remote work culture that helps your company and makes sure that your employees are there to stay

Hiring Remote Employees

A guideline on how to hire your first remote employee, and which aspects to consider to make sure it's a great match for your remote organisation

You Are Already a Distributed Team

Why we think that you are already a distributed team, and where we share with you a few ways to improve your team communication

5 Ways to a Healthy Mental Well-Being in Remote Teams

5 actionable steps to follow to keep a healthy mental well-being in your distributed organization.

Tips for communicating better in your distributed team

A list of tips & tricks to help you communicate better with your distributed team.

A Productive Environment for Remote Work

An overview of what an ideal environment for remote work should look like for your team members.

How Async Communication Can Help Your Team

We'll explain the most important areas around how can async communication help your remote team.

Remote Work Is Exploding: 10 Tools to Leverage It

We will cover 10 tools that will help you leverage the benefits of remote work within your organization.

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