Standups Features

Standups helps your team to get together every day, no matter the location they're currently in.

We built these great features that help your distributed team to work better. With Standups, you can power your team for better collaboration, more productivity and happier people.

Story UI for your Remote Team

Watch your team standup updates easily, using the familiar Story UI, made popular by Snap and Instagram.

Threads on every update

Add comments on any update in your team. Threads show up as an overlay to keep comments in the context right inside as you watch the updates.


Never miss sending an update. Get a reminder when it's time to send an update to the team via email, your browser, our mobile apps, or via Slack.

Mobile Apps: update each other on the go

Teammates can use our native mobile apps for iOS & Android to share and watch updates from anywhere: a coffee shop, a coworking space, the subway train or the rooftop of an office building, you name it.

Voice Updates

Not ready for recording a video today? No worries. You can switch to the *Voice Only* mode and send a voice update to the team.

Team Emoji

You can set an emoji on your team which will always show next to any title across our app. Pick an emoji for your team, and make it cozy. 🙌🏼

Video Scrubbing

We've implemented video scrubbing, so you can skim through updates as you need, back and forth, in case you wanted to go back to a certain point in an update.

Time Off / Vacations

It's not really 'time off' if you still keep getting notifications. With this feature, you're able to let your team know when you are on leave, and also schedule your next leave in advance. You won't get any notifications when *time off* is active.


You can mention anyone from your team in an update, and they'll get notified when you do so.

Great team overview: Night & Day

Get a great glance of your team by seeing when it's already dark at their current location. 🌙

Seen List

See how many times an update has been seen in the team, and also see who saw it.

Public & Private teams

By default, any new team you create is private. However, you can make any team a public one, so any member in the organization can see those team updates, as there are cases where teams need to be public for better accountability and transparency within an organization.


Any update can have a note which shows up as an overlay in the update to keep it in perfect context. Notes can have @mentions, and also can include URLs that you can use to direct your teammates to any other site or app such as JIRA, Github, or Trello.

Always based on your current time zone

Say the global team update time is at 9:00 AM, which means that team members will get reminded to post at 9:00 AM in their time zone.


Send reactions to any updates, and see who reacted to any update. Teammates get notified when they receive the reactions. 🙌🏼🚀🐳

Questions / Hints Overlay

New user and not sure of what to say? Just hit the *ℹ* icon and you'll see an overlay showing you the basic questions around a daily update, with an extra bit of life update to keep it fun within your team. 🎉

Slack integration

Get instant notifications for when it's time to send your update (via a Slack DM) or when a colleague sends an update to the current standup in your team *#channel*.

Flexible Schedule

Standups can be run at any custom recurrence: for example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.

Multiple Time Zones

Designed for distributed teams to work from any time zone in the world.

Timeboxed updates

In order to keep standups short, sweet and focused, we implemented a recording timebox of 2 minutes by default. You can always tweak it up to last from 1 to 5 minutes.

Send your update in advance

In case you won't be online because of an early flight, or a doctor's appointment, you'll be able to post an update to your next standup in advance, so your team won't ever miss any of your updates.

Invite URL: get everybody in a few seconds

Invite your whole team in a second by sharing the Invite URL to the team via Slack or email. No complicated onboarding processes, get everybody on board in just a few clicks.

Multiple Standup Teams

You can have your whole organization onboarded into Standups, and you can have any amount of teams created. Teammates an be part of any team as well.

History & Unlimited Storage

Go back to any past update, whenver you need it. Video updates from your team members are stored forever and can be accessed and referenced at any time.

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