🏢 1. Invite your entire team

The magic begins on Standups once your entire team is on board! You can easily invite your team to any room by copying the link on the room home page and sending it to other teammates.

📆 2. Share daily

Standups allows you to expressively share any moment from your day, in a way that a text based message simply can't do.

However this means your team needs to build a habit of posting daily!

Also, the more people who post, the more fun it is for everyone to watch updates 😄

We've tried to make it as easy as possible to do this but here are some tips to making it even easier for everyone to share.

🏡 Start with one room

The beauty of Standups is that you can create different rooms for different types of updates!

But to start we recommend starting with one room for your team to keep things simple. Stuck on a room name? Lot's of companies do "**Company Name Daily Standup**"

🗣 Have a structure for what to say

It's easiest for everyone if there is consensus on what each update should include.

To keep things simple, we recommend starting with sharing "Here's what I worked on today". This allows teams to:

  • build a habit of posting daily 💪
  • create a culture of sharing daily progress 📈
  • celebrate the achievements of your team, small wins and big wins 🎖

⌚️ Post at the same time every day

In Standups we allow you to set a custom recurring reminder for when to notify your team to post. This reminder is also unique to your timezone!

Definitely chat and agree within your team about what time of day is best for this reminder.

Research has shown that doing something every day at the same time is the most effective way to build a new habit.

📱 Update your team on the go

Do you ever use your phone at work? Well, we have a mobile app too!

Download the mobile app here so you can update your team from your favorite coffee shop, on the train on your way to the office, or even after your morning run / gym session 💪

💬 Integrate with Slack

We don't want to add complexity to your existing workflows so we meet you where you are today.

If you and your team uses Slack, you can set up an integration to receive a Slack notification whenever someone posts on Standups!

This serves as as a great reminder to post yourself, and doesn't break your existing workflow with Slack.

😄 3. Have Fun With It

At the end of the day, have fun with it! We've seen so many innovative ways people are using Standups. Add your teams own unique flavor and make Standups what you want it to be!

For some inspiration, here's a sample of how people use Standups today:

  • All Hands: End of week updates from the company
  • Daily Standup: Classic update of here's what I worked on + what I'm working on next + any blockers
  • Families: Keep in touch with family spread across different locations with a daily update!
  • Leadership Updates: A room for leadership to provide updates to the org
  • Recruiting: Provide feedback and thoughts on candidates and use the "tag" feature to organize posts
  • Sales: Share pipeline updates with the rest of your team and announce closed deals!
  • Venture Capital: A way for portfolio company CEOs to give weekly updates to investors
  • Watercooler: A room for posting anything! Think of it like a virtual watercooler :)
  • Your Idea: Let us know what you come up with 🙌