As an admin, adding members to your Standups organization and teams is really easy. You can add them manually by inputting their contact data and password, or you can use our invitation system, where you can use the emails of the team members you want to get into Standups and send invites.

Invite via email to a team (and the organization)

You simply need to go to a team settings and type in the emails of the members you want to invite to the team.

  1. Go to a team page and hover on the header next to the title and click on the Edit team button: 1
  2. Next, focus on the Invite member by email input and type in the emails of the members you want in: 2
  3. Hit the Update Team button to send the invites: 3

Add members to your organization manually

You can also add members manually to your Standups organization. In case you want to add them to a team, you'll have to manually add them using the Existing members input when editing a team. We'll walk you through the steps required to add members manually.

  1. Go to the Manage section for your company: 4
  2. Go to the Members page and hit the Add Member button: 5
  3. Fill in all the details for the member and hit the Add Member button to finish. 6