is developed using new web technology that is built into modern browsers, that makes it possible to capture and record video from your computer camera without the need of downloading and installing any extra packages on your computer (think of those old Flash days).

Sadly, not all browsers have added support for this yet, so you will not be able to fully use in them at the moment, as you won't be able to record video for your standup update, but only play out video standup messages. This issue is specifically the case for Safari and Microsoft Edge. There's some good news though, as Safari is already supporting video recording (encoding) on their Mobile version, which is likely to end up making it to their Desktop version.

Most browser vendors have already implemented video capture and recording support in the last years, so we believe that within a year or two, all major browsers will work with

Supported desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari (only video playback)
  • Microsoft Edge (only video playback)

Not supported:

  • Internet Explorer

There are many great new browsers out there, but unfortunately, we are a small team and have to focus our resources on the most popular configurations to support. Given that, you're welcome to use the browsers that support video recording that we listed above. supports the two latest versions of any browser, so if it doesn't work, try updating your browser. We recommend setting your browser to auto-update.

As we increase support for browsers and improve features within them you can check our updates via our social media channels: Blog | Twitter | Facebook.