We have our own Slack integration for Standups so your teams can get notifications right on their Slack channels such as new standup updates and reminders via direct messages about when it's time to post.

1 slack Team member just posted an update

2 slack Reminder: it's time to post an update

How to connect your Slack organization as a Standups admin

As an admin, you can connect your Slack organization to Standups and allow your different teams to connect with their counterpart teams on Standups to receive notifications —such as "team member" just posted an update— on any of the Slack channels associated to the team.

  1. Go to the Manage section for your company: 3 slack
  2. Go to the Settings: 4 slack
  3. Click on Connect under the Slack section: 5 slack
  4. Review the Slack permissions and Authorize so we can link your organization: 6 slack
  5. Click on Edit Integration to select which Standups team you're going to link to a Slack #channel: 7 slack
  6. Link a Standups team with a Slack channel: 8 slack
  7. You're done! You've now linked a Standups team to a Slack channel 🎉 9 slack

How to connect your Slack account as a normal user of Standups

As a normal —non admin— member of a Standups organization —and team— you can connect your Slack account with your Standups user —that way you can receive notifications such as reminders, that can help you remember when it's time to send an update to your team.

  1. Go to your Profile settings: 10 slack
  2. Click on the Link your account button 11 slack
  3. Review the Slack permissions and Authorize so we can link your organization, after that your Slack user will be linked to your Standups account 🎉 12 slack