Talk to your team using
video & voice clips.

We unite and connect your team using daily short video & voice clips in the Instagram Stories style.

Friday, December 13th 2019



San Francisco





No more excuses. Get your team together, always.

Facilitate global remote conversations

Do your teammates work from different locations like Paris, Bangalore or San Francisco? No worries. They can finally update each other regardless of their time zone or location, using async video & voice messages.

Foster a sense of belonging with regular face-to-face contact.

Boost your remote team culture

Foster a sense of belonging. Unite your remote team with regular face-to-face contact, by sharing short video or voice updates, daily.

Improve your team check-ins and your remote team happiness.

Set your own schedule

Flexibility is key to make your team happier and more engaged. We all miss meetings sometimes. Doctor appointments, traffic, half-days off… you name it. With Standups your team can share updates on a schedule that works with their workday.

A Great Team Overview

Comments & Reactions

Record & Watch Stories

Teammates Profiles

A Great Team Overview

Get a quick overview of how your remote team is doing.

Comments & Reactions

Comment and send reactions to your teammates updates.

Record & Watch Stories

Record video or voice, add your notes and @mention other teammates.

Teammates Profiles

See details from your teammates: current time zone, location, recent updates and more.

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